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How to Protect Your Yahoo account from Massive Hacking? Tags: yahoo customer service number yahoo support email yahoo email support yahoo tech support yahoo help number

No matter what you do, there is always a constant threat to your online security. In view of the massive hacking of yahoo mails, way back in 2016, it has become necessary to have systems in place that ensures complete safeguard to your sensitive information, stored online. Well, there are security measures, if implemented in the right manner can surely help.

In order to get a better perspective on the matter, you can prefer to connect with the Yahoo support email team, which will provide you with more information.

Step by Step Guide to Protect Your Yahoo Account

Step 1. Change the password

The first step towards protecting your Yahoo account is change the password

  • Login to your yahoo mail account
  • Select Change password to reset the password
  • Ensure to reset the password on a regular basis
  • If you have trouble remembering the password, then best make use of password managers.

Changing the password periodically helps. Most of the hackers fail to access the account, which in a way provides comprehensive protection. In case, you find the task of resetting the password somewhat complicated, you can  avail the services of online experts by using the Yahoo customer service number.

Step 2. Turn-on Two Step Authentication

By turning on the two step authentication, you can have an extra layer of security, which then makes it difficult for the hacker to gain unauthorized access. The process involved is listed below: -

  • Login to your Yahoo and go the Account Security page
  • Click the toggle button to enable two step verification
  • Enter the mobile number you are using
  • Click Send SMS to receive the code in a text message
  • Type in the code and select Verify

More or less, the steps are designed to help you set up a mechanism, which can be immensely beneficial to achieve your primary objective. In case, you fail, it would be a nice move to talk to the right people by using the Yahoo help phone number.

Step 3Make use of Yahoo Account to set up additional protection

Instead of signing in by entering the password, by making use of the Yahoo Account key, you are now in a position to access the yahoo account on your smart phone.

  • Sign in to the Yahoo app on your device
  • Go to the Yahoo sign-in page
  • Enter your Yahoo id and click Next
  • Open the app and tap the Account key icon
  • Make sure to tap the Approved icon
  • You will be provided with a code, which you have to tap to confirm

The above mentioned steps are meant to help you set up a strong mechanism that ensures complete safety of your Yahoo account. But, still, you may find the going tough. In such a scenario, it seems appropriate to connect the right experts by dialling the Yahoo phone number.











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